Relic Wine Hunters

3 x 45' (ENG, GER)

Watch people searching and cultivating the rarest vines in the world.

While over 10,000 grape varieties exist, only 1,500 of them are used to make wine today and only 30% of those are used to make 70% of all wines sold on the market. All over Europe wine experts have entered a race against time to save some almost extinct vines and rekindle the flavours of yesteryear. This series follows the men who are searching and cultivating some of the rarest vines in the world. We accompany them in our three episodes to Kos, Montpellier and Sicily.

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  1. Secrets of Sicily (Italy)

    An adventurous Sicilian winemaker goes back to the ancient vineyard in the Nebrodi Mountains where he discovered a rare native grape variety on the verge of extinction. The story continues on Pantelleria, the black pearl of the Mediterranean, where experimental vineyards are producing indigenous strains of the Zibibbo grape, one of the Mediterranean’s oldest native varieties.

  2. Secrets of the Aegean Sea (Greece)

    The Malagousia wine was once used by Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine. This episode tells the story of this ancient variety’s comeback, after relic wine hunters discovered it in northern Greece and then successfully replanted in order to become one of Greece’s most popular white wines today.

  3. Land of the Cathars (France)

    The ancient wines of Languedoc are struggling to change the reputation of the region as a producer of low-quality wine for the masses. The revolutions and upheavals that have scarred its past have not wholly destroyed the seeds of a great wine future. This beautiful episode of Relic Wine Hunters takes the viewers on location in the South of France to show how a new generation of French wine lovers are working to revive the region’s rarest indigenous varieties for an ever more sophisticated expanding international wine market.


  • Original Title
    Verlorene Schätze – Detektivarbeit im Weinberg
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    3 x 45' (ENG, GER)
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    Andrea Vogt, Paul Russell
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    Trailer - English