Our channels are made for curious audiences, who are open to be entertained and enlightened by the best stories from the real world. We take great care to constantly track the viewing habits of our viewers. Our team's efforts is all about guiding them to content, that enriches their experience, whereever and whenever they want to be inspired by documentaries and factual series from their immediate suroundings, and from around the world.

Knowledge like never before

Curiosity Channel (formerly SPIEGEL TV Wissen) is a Pay TV channel with highly entertaining, true-to-life reports and exciting documentaries about science, technology, the environment, adventure and wildlife.

We see ourselves as journalistic observers with an eye for everyday issues, as well as for the big picture. We believe that curiosity and knowledge are limitless, showing remarkable technology, fascinating people or set in the heart of nature. For anyone who wants to know more, we offer numerous German in-house productions and high-quality international formats, a range that is unique in its diversity, where facts and reality produce captivating stories and offer the best entertainment.

Joint Venture

Curiosity Channel

History of the world from a German perspective

SPIEGEL Geschichte offers the most comprehensive History programming in the German-speaking world and is therefore unique in this form in the television landscape.

Taking center stage are the events, people and moments of the 20th century. Thrilling documentaries present cornerstone past events that have become etched in our nation's memory. SPIEGEL Geschichte also addresses the issues of the present, illuminating the historical background of current global events and affairs. When it comes to finding a topic, the channel orients itself towards new findings in historical research, anniversaries and historical events. This is how a first-class program is created: History of the world from a German perspective.

Amazing animals, stunning nature

Adventure Earth is dedicated to the unique beauty of our planet. The FAST channel offers high-quality documentaries on wildlife and nature. It aims to captivate and inspire audiences of all ages. The selected documentaries not only educate but also entertain, appealing to the whole family.

Adventure Earth is a joint project between Autentic and OneGate Media, two leading international natural history libraries that have joined forces to create a platform for exploring and appreciating the natural world. Drawing upon their vast expertise and rich resources, they have curated a captivating collection of documentaries that showcases the diverse wonders of our planet, bringing to light the hidden treasures and astonishing spectacles that often go unnoticed.

Fascinating and over-looked events

The conflicts and major historical events that have shaped mankind and our contemporary world. The FAST channel Autentic History is both educational and compelling. Witness the race to create new weapons during World War II. Learn about the tragedies and triumphs of immigration in the 19th century, the Vatican's unique moment in history, the brutal regimes of Idi Amin Dada and Augusto Pinochet, and the lives of aviation pioneers like Claude Dornier. A refreshingly unbiased and in-depth look at history.

Around the world to over 80 destinations

From sea-level to snowy peaks, from the desert to the rainforest, from Argentina to Zambia... and everything in between. Our FAST channel Autentic Travel will definitely inspire your next holiday destination. Presenting new landscapes and life of different nations, the documentaries cover many aspects — work, holidays, cooking, clothes, local traditions.

The conflicts that shaped our world

This German-language FAST channel is all about wars, strikes, and revolutions.

It is a joint project with SPIEGEL TV, leveraging on both partners’ sizable catalogues of historical documentaries, totaling several hundreds of hours. This niche offering targets male audience across the age spectrum.

Curious and interesting facts

It is human nature to look for answers, we all have doubts and questions, whether about simple everyday things or even the complex mysteries of life and the universe. Learn many curious and interesting facts about different topics that will surprise you and blow your mind! Discover curiosities about nature, space, technology, mysteries, countries, personalities, and current trends around the world.

Experience Wilderness at home.

Fascinating animal documentaries and breathtaking nature films - to marvel, relax and discover. The FAST channel Terra Mater WILD consists of Terra Mater Studios blue-chip wildlife productions as well as selected 3rd party wildlife and nature content.

Terra Mater Studios is one of the major players in the business of nature film. Since its inception in 2011, TMS has created a diverse portfolio of more than 180 hours, honoured with approximately 250 international awards including Wildscreen's Golden Panda, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival's Grand Teton, and New York Festivals' Grand Award.