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Our programming brief: what we are looking for

Genres that clients know they find a selection of high quality programmes
- People & Places
- Current Affairs

Genres that we are putting a strong focus on
- Nature. Wildlife
- Science
- Ancient History, and History in general
- Factual Entertainment
- 4K

Some Topics that we believe our clients are interested in
- Popular Science formats: Explaining complex themes in an understandable
  and entertaining and/or fascinating way
- World War II History series and programs
- History series, especially Ancient History, like Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Pyramids, Mummies
- History series focusing on different Religions with their respective historic aspects
- Series about the Arabic Region with historic background
- Climate Change
- Natural disasters
- Sustainability, Conservation, Living in the future
- Space, especially “New Space” Adventures
- Science & Tech Superlatives
- Investigative Docs
- Long-running series
- Anniversaries
- Spies
- True crime - only globally known cases
- Blue-Chip Nature Programs

Things that don’t work for our clients
- Hosted formats with unknown local hosts
- Personal Portraits/Biographies unless the person is truly world-famous
- Alcohol/Sex (in certain territories)

For detailed information, download our full  programming brief.

Co-financing activities

In addition to our production and distribution acitivties, we support external production companies in the development and realisation of projects in the early stages of development. We are looking for projects that are of interest for the international market.

We support the realisation of projects as a financing partner within a co-financing agreement. We are always in search of projects in the German-speaking region as well as in international territories whose rights we can acquire on a worldwide or territorially restricted, exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

We like to get involved editorially in the early stages of projects to ensure that the content works for an international audience. We are also happy to assist as an executive production company on suitable projects.

If you are looking for support for your projects in the factual genre, please contact our acquisitions team.