Mega Places - Germany's Hot Spots

4 x 45' (GER, ENG Subs)

These places are culture, history and identity of Germany - see what makes them unique.

Mega Places is more than just a quick look behind the scenes. In the four-part documentary series, we visit one of four historical and mythical places in Germany per episode: The Hofbräuhaus am Platzl in Munich, the Nürburgring in the Eifel, Alexanderplatz in Berlin and Hamburg's Reeperbahn are among the places in Germany that everyone really knows. If not from their own visits, then at least from stories or the media. It is these unique places, with their aura and stories, that define Germany both internally and externally. We trace the historical development of these special places and show what makes them so unique and how they became what they are today.

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  1. Nürburgring

    The Nürburgring is the most famous, traditional, longest and most frequented racetrack in the world. With this racetrack the upswing of an entire region began. Amateur and professional racing drivers compete on this track - motor sport in its purest form. The craziest ideas are born here. Be excited whether they are successful.

  2. Hofbräuhaus

    The Munich Hofbräuhaus is known and loved all over the world. It is a symbol of Bavarian culture and cosiness. In addition to countless tourists, some original Munich residents still come to their Hofbräuhaus. Sophisticated logistics ensure that beer never runs out in the historic building.

  3. Reeperbahn

    The Hamburg Reeperbahn is considered the most sinful party mile in Germany. Anything seems possible at this place. From the beginning, the district was not only a red light district, but also a place of culture. We show what has changed in Hamburg's world-famous red light district and what the future looks like.

  4. Alexanderplatz

    Berlin's Alexanderplatz is one of the most historic squares in Germany. From the Middle Ages, to the 2nd World War, to the GDR - Alexanderplatz has always been at the heart of history. What else has shaped this place where history, consumption, crime, wealth and poverty have always met?


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    4 x 45' (GER, ENG Subs)
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