Mafia Queens

2016 (S1), 2018 (S2)
S1: 4 x 50', S2: 6 x 50' (ENG, GER, ITA)

Personal destinies brought these women to the top of the powerful mafia clans and they changed the camorra forever.

We have access to some of the most exclusive stories ever - stories from the heart of the Italian Mafia. The women of former mafia bosses cooperate with the authorities and report in front of the camera about their former lives at the core of the mafia clans. The series provides unprecedented insights into the fates of women, who have made them key figures in the mafia, and highlights the seemingly insignificant roles played by women in organized crime. These gripping stories are marked by love, loyality, power, crime and death.

Whether they were born into ‘the family’ or fell in love with the wrong man, they rose quickly to the top - managing drugs, extortion, waste disposal, public contracts and subcontracts, making life and death decisions, ordering homicides and sometimes killing personally for the clan. Scintillating details leaves you awestruck. Their exclusive accounts are brought to life by raw, fast-paced re-enactments shot on location. We have been granted access to some of the most exclusive stories ever- stories baring the inner workings of the mafia. This documentary depicts their intimate and dramatic stories that swing between shocking events and moments of great pathos.

  • Trailer Season 1

    Trailer - English
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  1. Episodes Season 1

    1. Antonella Madonna 2. Cristina Pinto 3. Anna Carrino 4. Maria Durracio

  2. Episodes Season 2

    1. Patrizia Franzese 2. Rosa Amato 3. Anna Russo 4. Giulia G. 5. Enrica C. 6. Laura Longobardi


  • Trailer Season 1

    Trailer - English