Kings of St. Pauli - The Rise and Fall of Hamburg's Pimp Gangs (WT)

3 x 45' (GER, FRE)

In the seventies and eighties, ”Lamborghini-Klaus”, “Karate Tommy” and “Beautiful Mischa” dominate, amongst others, the business with prostitutes on the "most sinful street of the world". Their fight is real, their business brutal and bloody.

Constantly followed by the press, the pimp gangs of Hamburg's famous Reeperbahn were celebrated like stars. There was hardly any scrutinizing of how dirty the business of these men actually was. Even the police turned a blind eye to what was happening - until disaster struck and the reign of the Kings of St. Pauli hit a dead end. We reconstruct the rise of the pimp gangs and relive their golden days until drugs and violence began to rule their everyday life. A serial killer haunts the Reeperbahn and the police finally starts to act. With a shooting in the police headquarters, the reign of pimps brutally comes to an end. Dive deeply into this almost forgotten, captivating and suspenseful world of pimps and whores, of sex, drugs and violence.