Mission Sky Patrol

3 x 52' (GER, 1 Ep ENG subs)

Their job is beyond the clouds and always on the edge of danger

The pilots of the federal police as well as pilots and doctors of the ADAC rescue team are always ready to risk everything to save lives. The series offers a closer look at the procedural training and practice of these highly trained pilots and valiant doctors who by fulfilling their missions in the clouds have saved the lives of many and have tracked and apprehended several criminals. Follow these heroes of the skies and witness their daily thrill.

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  1. Little Helpers in the Sky

    We get to know Benjamin, who is an experienced pilot of the Federal Police. Once a year, they train in cooperation with the volunteer fire brigade to be prepared for forest fires and the like. In the Alps, we see the brave men and women from mountain rescue training for one of the most difficult manoeuvres: a winch rescue from a steep rock face. In the Allgäu Benjamin flies with helicopter "Christoph 17" to rescue injured or sick patients. The most difficult case on this day: a patient had a cardiac arrest and the pilot cannot find a landing place to drop off the emergency doctor.

  2. Flying with the Golden Angels

    We accompany the team of Hamburgs rescue helicopter "Christoph Hansa". This helicopter is part of the so-called "Yellow Angels" - the Helicopter Rescue Unit of the German Motor Club. The pilot Michael, the rescue assistant Adam and the emergency doctor Thorsten are needed to transfer patients to other hospitals, but also emergency operations belong to their tasks. On this day they are called to an accident on a motorway with several trucks and cars involved.

  3. Of Pedestrians and Pilots

    The flight training school of the federal police forces has an extremely good reputation. Its graduates are recognized throughout Europe as well trained pilots. Police officers, Michael and Oliver have only recently completed their flight training. Now they are eager to see if they will also pass their exams. In Schleswig-Holstein we get to know Colonel Leuitant Björn Jansen, who is part of the only unit of the German Armed Forces that can conduct manned and unmanned reconnaissance flights. On this day they fly with their Tornado for aerial photography and train aerial combats.


  • Original Title
    Einsatz Fliegerstaffel - Helfer am Himmel
  • Year
  • Length
    3 x 52' (GER, 1 Ep ENG subs)
  • Resolution
  • Film by
    Katja Christiane Vogler, Leo Steinbichler
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