Most Dangerous Jobs

5 x 52' (GER, 1 Ep ENG subs)

What does it mean working always on the edge?

If a scaffolder suddenly becomes dizzy or a window cleaner takes a wrong step, it can be fatal. Every day people die in accidents at work. Nevertheless, there are people who do these jobs where a moment of carelessness can end in disaster. This is exactly what people fascinates about these professions. What's the thrill of working on the edge? We accompany people who are not afraid of heights, who observe their surroundings sharply and start their jobs when others would break out in cold sweat.

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  1. The King of the Sky

    Their workplace is between heaven and earth. A head for heights is a basic requirement in their profession. In the first episode we accompany hot air balloon captains, hang-gliding instructors and scaffolders into the heights of their jobs.

  2. Clear the Ring

    Travelling with a circus is a dream for many children. But the job bares lots of dangers. We follow a circus and find out what it takes to work safely with wild animals.

  3. Steady Nerves

    Everyone knows them, the men in their bright orange work clothes. In this episode we follow the employees of a motorway maintenance department, forest workers who climb into dizzying heights and the men working with explosives to detonate old buildings.

  4. Head for Heights

    They climb up wind turbines, high buildings and rooftops. We meet a roofer, a tree climber and a rope access technician to give an insight into their breathtaking field of work.

  5. Storm-Proof

    In this episode we follow men and women of sea rescue on a mission, accompany a helicopter pilot and take a look into the job of a stuntman.


  • Original Title
    Deutschlands Gefährlichste Berufe
  • Year
  • Length
    5 x 52' (GER, 1 Ep ENG subs)
  • Resolution
  • Film by
    Jörg Scholze, Jörg Hinners
  • Produced by