Adventure Ireland

3 x 52' (GER, 1 Ep ENG subs)

Travelling at just one horsepower – literally – adventurer and photographer Florian Wagner sets out with his team of three on a journey of over 1000 kilometres.

We experience captivating beauty from an unusual perspective. We encounter people along the way and hear their stories. For a time our adventurers will live the life of nomads - at night they either find a farmhouse to spend the night or just pitch a tent at a convenient spot. Our mounted team will have many adventures on their journey across the Emerald Isle and we invite you along with us.

We experience a country of captivating beauty from an unusual perspective – from high up on horseback. We encounter people along the way and hear their stories. In stages of 20-40 kilometres a day, the great ride takes us from the southwestern tip of Ireland to the far north.

They'll witness stunning spectacles of nature and encounter intriguing people – from a lighthouse keeper to a whiskey expert – who will tell their own stories and that of their enchanting country. The riders and their trusty mounts will travel together two months long. Helicopter pilot Wagner will make the return trip in a chopper – and we experience the highlights of the route once more from a bird's eye view.
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  1. The Jouney Begins

  2. Change of Plan

  3. Destinaton in Sight


  • Original Title
    Abenteuer Irland
  • Year
  • Length
    3 x 52' (GER, 1 Ep ENG subs)
  • Resolution
  • Film by
    Florian Wagner, Johannes Maierbacher
  • Produced by