Badass Professions

6 x 45' (GER, ENG subs)

They are nothing for the faint of heart: badass professions that demand everything from the men who practice them.

They demand strength, concentration, physical endurance, and take place in dangerous conditions, powerful odors and filthy work environments. Men who work in these fields are rarely envied. How does one cope with such jobs? We give close-up insights into a world full of dangerous work. We accompany three men with badass professions in their everyday working lives – from professional diver and metal caster to explosive ordnance disposal specialist.

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  1. Above and Under Water

    Stefan Frey is a diving master, underwater welder and captain all in one. The Hamburg native can be found everywhere in northern Germany where underwater construction is required. Burning and welding work, drilling, or the replacement of piles, their operations are coordinated by the ship's master via radio. And with all this work under water, they are also under time pressure.

  2. Muscle and Brainpower

    Metal casters have to cope with high temperatures. Their job is to turn liquid metal into hard shapes, whether for mechanical engineering or the automotive industry. Working as a metal caster or melter is therefore not even possible without protective clothing. How are the protective suits constructed? How do the eyes endure heat and brightness, and what is it that fascinates the men so much about this profession?

  3. In Flora and Fauna

    Wind power service engineers must not be afraid of heights. Because their workplace is around 100 meters above the ground, on the operating nacelle. They must not have weak nerves, either during maintenance or repair, because no scaffolding will help them where they work. For their work on wind turbines, however, the technicians not only have to be good with climbing ropes; craftsmanship is also required.

  4. Between Noise and Dust

    Road construction project manager Heiko Schmidt knows that his men are under time pressure, because the important capital traffic artery has to be accessible again as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the quality has to be right. Episode 4 is about men who have to cope with noise, weather and dust.

  5. Between Heaven and Earth

    Arborist Steven Othold and his colleagues not only have one of the toughest jobs of all, but also one of the most dangerous. Because they have to climb trees and operate razor-sharp saws in the treetop. Episode 5 is about men who have to deal with nature.

  6. Under Heat and Danger

    Torsten Becker works as a farrier. While working on horses, Becker always has to be on his guard, because if the horse kicks him, an injury is guaranteed. Bruises, broken bones and burns are typical injuries in his job. The irons for the hooves are heated to 1100 degrees in a furnace and then hammered into the right shape on the anvil. "This job is a bone crusher," says the 52-year-old.