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Why go on a far away trek when adventure lies right on your doorstep?

Spontaneous, local, inexpensive, and all in 8-72 hours. These are the rules for a micro adventure. Instead of packing up loads of equipment and finding more excuses, a micro adventure lets you get out and go. You don’t need a hotel when you can sleep under the stars in a hammock or a sleeping bag. Get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, learning something new, and find your limits. Dream big but start small, not sometime in the distant future, but today. You don’t need a lot of money or time on your hands for a micro adventure – just a little courage to take the first step out the door. The series accompanies people throughout their exhilarating experiences.

In each episode, our three teams face a wide variety of challenges. Whether it’s a 100-kilometer mega-march in 24 hours, a sky dive from a hot-air balloon, or an overnight stay atop dizzying heights, our protagonists are pushed to their physical and mental limits. Sometimes they may get some tips from experts, but most of the time they are on their own. An action-packed series filled with raw emotion and helpful information, which is sure to inspire the viewer to create an adventure of their own.
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  1. Nature Enthusiasts

    Whether it's an adrenaline rush on a kite buggy across miles of sandy beaches, swimming through a lake in record time, or paddling a sea kayak on the Baltic Sea, nature has great challenges in store.

  2. Crossing Borders

    Who needs snow to ski? In the Nordic sport of skiking, you can also ski down the slopes in summer. In the Black Forest, on the other hand, sea trekking is on the agenda, water hiking without a boat. For that extra adrenaline kick, a dog sled ride is a must.

  3. The Daredevils

    A modern treasure hunt, geocaching, is a daring experience. Others face fear of heights with a balancing act at a height of 20 meters or combine cycling and paddling and test bikerafting.

  4. Summit Stormers

    An ocean-going catamaran is navigated at high speed between sailing schools and huge ferries, while in the mountains a race against the weather and time takes place. Can the Zugspitze be climbed within two days by inexperienced mountaineers and can the Dolomites be crossed on horseback without any riding experience?

  5. High Ambitions

    Whether it's an altitude challenge, a bike tour on the water with hydrobikes or riding a longboard 35km through the Swabian Alb, they all want to go up high. Will they manage what they have planned?

  6. Micro Adventurers

    Wing foil surfing, sleeping in a hanging tent and a walk from the North and Baltic Sea is not on everyone's daily activity list. They require balance and exceeding the physical and mental limits.

  7. Adrenaline Junkies

    Stand Up Paddling is a popular leisure sport. But what does it look like when the SUP floats on white water? Building a raft is also not as easy as you might have imagined, not to mention a superlative parachute jump. This is only for adrenaline junkies.

  8. Record Hunters

    To conquer the Bikeman Trail in one day is a race against time. In contrast, jumping 18 meters into the depths and apnoea diving at 15 meters is a daredevil undertaking. Read more …


  • Trailer

    Trailer - German