The Huntsman

4 × 45' (GER, ENG subs)

Hunting is so much more than just a hobby. We follow young hunters into the woods and get to know the real craft of hunting.

Hunting is not just a common sport, but also a skillful craft requiring expertise. Successfully hunting a wild animal is an artistic act that requires technique, knowledge, and skill. The huntsman must be dedicated to the art of the hunt. We follow charismatic hunters into the woods and learn about the different types of wild animals and special hunting techniques. These hunters are passionate about their profession and truly put their heart into it. Join us as the adventure begins.

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  1. Of Rifles and Wild Boars

    Marcel Graf is a city hunter and regulates the overpopulation of wild boars around Berlin. The passionate conservationist knows exactly the reasons why there are more and more unintended and sometimes dangerous encounters between humans and animals. And he is committed to treating the creature and its environment with respect. His philosophy: "from nose to tail" - the animals are processed from nose to tail.

  2. Of Guns and Red Deer

    The man is not only a hunter - his name is too. Phillipe Jaeger from Alsace specializes in big game. He understands red deer like no other and almost nothing means more to him than passing on this knowledge to his son. But the hunting craft is versatile. It is not only the killing of the prey that requires skill; the tools of the trade - in Jaeger's case a rifle - also demand expertise and respect. We witness the customization of his new hunting gun and its proper use.

  3. Of Knives and Chamoises

    Mountain hunting is the most sacred thing for the hunter and a chamois kill is considered the most difficult. It's no wonder that the upscale gastronomy is clamoring for the top-quality meat. Thomas Treitz and Karl Schmid are regularly out and about in the hunting grounds near Kochel am See to hunt the game in the Bavarian mountain panorama. Dogs, or more precisely the specially bred Tyrolean Bracke hunting dog, are just as much a part of the deer as the masterfully crafted knives that are used to cut up the prey.

  4. Of Falcons and Hares

    Stephan Wunderlich from Berlin is an active member of the hunting and falconry associations, a forester, father of four children, but above all a highly passionate falconer. With his golden eagle named " Sunday " he goes on hare hunt. Without a gun, he hunts small game and speaks of a natural predator-prey relationship between the bird of prey and the prey. As the bird hunts the weaker animals, this thins out the weak and sick population - the prey is shared fraternally with his bird of prey.


  • Trailer

    Trailer - German