De-extinction – Species Protection 2.0?

52' (ENG, GER)
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Extinct species never come back - until now.

We are in the midst of the greatest mass species extinction since the disappearance of the dinosaurs. Up to 150 species are disappearing every day. Species extinction could be even more decisive for the survival of humankind than climate change. But what was once considered science fiction is no longer out of the question. We accompany ambitious scientists worldwide in their attempts to revive extinct animals or to give those on the brink of extinction a new chance using state-of-the-art genetic engineering. What is driving the human ambition to bring back extinct species? What does it mean to revive an extinct species? Should it be allowed or are we playing God with unpredictable consequences for our entire planet? Is now the time to use such radical methods to save as many species as possible, in the interest of everyone?


  • Original Title
    De-extinction – Artenschutz 2.0?
  • Year
    Release: Summer 2024
  • Length
    52' (ENG, GER)
  • Resolution
    HD, 4K
  • Film by
    Herbert Ostwald
  • Produced by
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