Apennine Mountains - The Wild Heart of Italy

2 x 45' (ENG, GER, FRE)

For most people, Italy stands for sun, beach and sea. Only very few people realize where Italy gets its support from.

The Apennine Mountains are the backbone of Italy - and not only in a geographical sense. On its hills, on its slopes and in its valleys you can find "Italia minore", the places where the heart of the country lies. In addition, there are hidden places where a unique flora and fauna has been preserved. The documentary series embarks on a cinematic journey along the Apennines - from the French border in the north to Sicily in the south.

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  1. From Imperia to Umbria

  2. From Umbria to Sicily


  • Original Title
    Der Apennin - Reise über das Rückgrat Italiens
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    2 x 45' (ENG, GER, FRE)
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    SWR, arte
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    Trailer - English