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Birds of prey are our planet’s greatest hunters. United by a hooked beak, taste for flesh and razor-sharp talons, they have conquered the globe.

This two-part series tells the story of raptor’s unparalleled success. From familiar favourites to entirely new characters, we reveal the latest discoveries alongside extraordinary behaviours. We discover how birds of prey perfect the art of the hunt and how they adapt to the toughest environments. We also ask what the future holds for these remarkable birds in a rapidly changing world. From distant lands to our own backyards, this series is an insightful and spectacular celebration of the world’s top predators.

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  1. Meet The Raptors

    An insightful and spectacular celebration of birds of prey, our planet’s most successful hunters. From frozen wilderness to tangled jungle, this film reveals the raptors as never before. We meet giant eagles in Africa, miniature falconets in Borneo and snake-hunting seriemas in Brazil, alongside many others. We explore the challenges of surviving bitter winters, raising chicks, learning to hunt and undertaking epic migrations. And we reveal the superpowers of flight, sight, hearing and smell that lie behind raptor’s extraordinary dominance of the skies.

  2. Extreme Lives

    An extraordinary look at the extreme ways in which birds of prey conquer the toughest habitats on Earth, taking on deadly prey. From snowy owls in the high arctic, to honey buzzards raiding hornet nests in Taiwan, raptors have the solution to the most extreme challenges. We visit frozen wastes, tangled jungles, baking savannahs and remote, storm-battered isles. We reveal stories of drama and hope, alongside little-known physical adaptations and surprising intelligence.


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    Trailer - English