Empire Builders: The Pacific

2 × 50' (ENG)

The idyllic Pacific Islands have been a battleground for centuries - from wars to colonial rivalry between France and UK to controversial nuclear tests by France and the United States

Indigenous Austronesian and Polynesian tribes fought one another for centuries, sometimes even eating their victims after successful conquests. In the 18th century, great European powers launched 'journeys of discovery'' in search of continents in and beyond the South Seas. These journeys were often flagged as great scientific explorations of the natural world, but the Europeans also introduced deadly diseases and occupied and suspressed the indigenous people of these dream destinations.

Rights: Europe excl. UK, Spain, Italy, Poland

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  • Original Title
    Empire Builders: The Pacific
  • Other Titles
    Imperien der Geschichte: Die pazifischen Inseln
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    2 × 50' (ENG)
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    Europe excl. UK, Spain, Italy, Poland
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