Deadly Science

6 x 52' (ENG, GER)

Humanity’s drive to push the bounds of the known world sometimes results in tragedy — but science still remembers the breakthroughs.

Explorers get caught in a storm. Inventors are taken down by their own machines. Great thinkers face persecution, launching ideas before society is ready. Though these martyrs of the mind suffered greatly for their brilliance, their work echoes through the long arc of history. From Spanish physician Servetus, burned at the stake for daring to advance medical knowledge, to George Mallory who may have been the first to the summit of Everest, to Marie Curie who pushed the science of radiation too far, and Dian Fossey, famed ape researcher, found murdered at her camp. Who were these men and women — and what are their stories? What gifts did they give humanity before they paid the price? Deadly Science tells the story of iconic inventors, scientists, and explorers who paid an extreme price for their work. Using archive, experts, CGI and historic reenactments, we bring them and their inventions back to life. How did these pioneers chance industry, inquiry, and the world with their ideas, setting us on a new path? What ideas came out of their work and where have they taken us in the modern world?

Coming in Winter 2022.


  1. Dangerous Heights

  2. Female Inventors

  3. Against Nature

  4. Long Forgotten Tracks

  5. In the name of Medicine

  6. Ahead of their time