Raising Wildlife

13 x 30' (ENG, GER)

A heartwarming family series focusing on the work of animal specialists with their adopted animal babies.

When the dangers of the wild prove too much for these wounded animals, they are granted reprieve with foster parents who care for them as well as - and sometimes even better than - their natural parents. Get an intimate look at the daily routine of raising wildlife and experience exhilarating friendships between man and beast. Witness their challenges and the heart-warming moments encountered during rehabilitation. This series shows what it takes to care for these wild animals.

Sub-Saharan Africa is home to a diverse range of land and sea wildlife. Meerkats, turtles, caracals, cape grys boks, kudus, wild dogs, zebras, elephants, and chimpanzees are but a few. But often the young animals, big and small, become victims of the wild and need special care and attention. These dedicated and loving caretakers have committed themselves to providing this care. They get up in the middle of the night to feed their foster babies and make sure they are safe and warm. This series shows what it takes to care for these wild animals, the challenges the caretakers face and the obstacles their wildlife counter-parts have to overcome. We will show you just how diverse the wildlife is in Africa and how young animals are taken care of and protected in, Raising Wildlife.

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    Trailer - English
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  1. Baboon, Cheetah, Bush baby

  2. Rhino, Hyrax, Porcupine

  3. Elephant, Chimpanzee, Wildebeest

  4. Penguin, Wildcat, Warthog

  5. Wild dog, Baboon, Antelope

  6. Lion, Zebra, Wolf

  7. Vervet monkey, Cheetah, Kudu

  8. Grey Duiker, Silverback Gorilla

  9. Otters, Mongooses, Squirrel

  10. White Rhino, Giant Pouched Rat, Bat

  11. Cheeta, Honey Badger, Blue Duiker

  12. Wild Dog, Owls, Bat Eared Foxes

  13. Tiger, Black Leopard, Serval


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    Raising Wildlife
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    13 x 30' (ENG, GER)
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    Johan Baird, Sally Clark
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    Trailer - English