Mega Factories: Inside...

6 x 45' (GER, 2 Eps ENG subs)

Manpower meets high-tech: Industry 4.0 is already being implemented all over the world by integrated processes and production facilities.

This series enters the massive halls of large-scale German industry, getting a first hand look behind the scenes at how it's all done. In the production factilities of Bosch, Gira, Seltmann, and Deutz, you can meet the latest technology of robots and machines as well as the people who make it all possible. Whether it is commercial vehicles, semiconductors, or everyday objects - Mega Factories shows it all.

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  1. Bosch

    We visit the high-tech factory of Bosch, which produces highly sensitive sensors and microchips for the automotive industry and consumer electronics all over the world. The manufacturing process is extremely complex - including particle accelerators and autonomously acting robots.

  2. Ford

    Once handpicked by Henry Ford, over 1,000 new cars are manufactured at Ford's Cologne Niehl plant. Unlike back then, today more than 1,200 industrial robots are in use.

  3. Deutz-Fahr

    The manufacturer Deutz-Fahr owns the most modern tractor plant in Europe, and builds up to 40 agricultural machines a day. The tractors manufactured here not only have enormous power, but also are highly computerized high-tech machines.

  4. Seltmann

    In the Seltmann ceramics factory, delicate porcelain is produced on a large scale by using 80 industrial robots. Database-networked transport systems and the largest kiln in Europe assist on site in producing up to 100,000 ceramic pieces in one day.

  5. Gira

    In the small town of Radevormwald, a champion is hiding: the products of the Gira Company can be found in countless buildings around the world. Millions of switch systems, lighting control systems and intercom systems are produced in the ultramodern and highly automated plant.

  6. Papierfabrik Gmund

    Whether for noble champagne houses or the Oscar Academy: the handmade paper mill Gmund has been producing the highest quality papers for renowned clients from all over the world for almost 200 years. In the meantime, however, it uses precision technology and state-of-the-art processes, the details of which are often a secret.


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    6 x 45' (GER, 2 Eps ENG subs)
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    Felix Parson, Christoph Hermann
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