Welcome back to the second season of Men & Machines, presenting the most amazing tools of an industry: Fire fighting, agriculture, port, mining, and transportation.

Experience special machines and their guides in concentrated use. In addition, each episode also takes a look at the production halls of these machines. What do the men have to bring if they want to operate these machines safely and how are such mega-aggregates manufactured? German mechanical engineering is world-famous. Men & Machines shows why.

1. The Pacemaker of the Online World
2. Predator as Saviour
3. Giants in the Field - Combine Harvesters
4. Powerful Spiders on a Slope
5. Draught Animals on the Motorway
6. Power Underground
7. Power Show in the Harbour 
8. A Cougar in the Field
  • Title: Männer und Maschinen 2
  • Release: 2019
  • Format: 8 x 45' (GER, 2 Eps ENG Subs)
  • Produced by: DHF, Autentic