Out of the Cradle

52' (ENG)
In Production

Join us on an extraordinary journey exploring several million years of human evolution.

In a story full of reversals and amazing comebacks, incredible dramas unfold as our early ancestors survive crisis after crisis. Experience ultra-high resolution, super-elaborate computer imageries and cutting-edge VFX footage created by world-renowned game creators. Based on fascinating discoveries from the latest research, we take you into hyper-realistic worlds that prehistoric hominids and our direct ancestors may have lived in. Witness the pivotal moments in the evolutionary path to the modern humans unfold on screen.

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  • Original Title
    Out of the Cradle
  • Year
  • Length
    52' (ENG)
  • Resolution
  • Film by
    Toru Suetsugu, Eisuke Yamamori, Kyoko Misumi, Koji Yasumoto
  • Produced by