Leaps in Evolution

3 x 52' (GER, JAP)

DNA is like a history book. We can trace life in an unbroken chain all the way back to its beginnings 4 billion years ago.

In our DNA, we can find authentic traces of ancient creatures some believe to be our ancestors. Discover the story of life on earth, which has gone through unbelievably fortunate turns of fate, has overcome the great dangers of unimaginable near-extinction, and has made major leaps in evolution. Experience the magnificent story of evolution transcending time through cutting-edge computer generated imagery in high definition 4K.

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  1. The Origin of Eyes

    Five hundred million years ago, our previously eyeless distant ancestral creatures suddenly developed eyes, thereby marking a dramatic leap in evolution. What enabled our ancestors to suddenly evolve eyes has been a long-unresolved great mystery in the history of our life. Now, scientists are close to cracking the mystery of the amazing story of the birth of our eyes, using cutting-edge DNA research. Travel back to a superrealistic prehistoric world recreated by CGI to witness the astonishing story behind the birth of our eyes.

  2. Creation of Motherly Love

    Human mothers raise fetuses inside their wombs and breast feed their babies for a long time after birth. What made humans evolve so that we raise our children so affectionately? The latest research reveals an unexpected origin of mothers' affection toward their children. Scientists believe that our ancestors experienced unforeseen dramatic changes in DNA under threats of extinction. These DNA changes caused humans to be devoted to raising children. Learn about the scientific interpretation of the evolutionary roots of your affectionate bonds with your kids.

  3. And Finally, Intelligence!

    Homo sapiens are the only creatures on earth privileged with high intelligence that allows us to be civilized. What evolutionary odyssey did we take to be granted this intelligence? The latest DNA research has discovered a key ancient incident that could solve this million-dollar mystery. It was an unparalleled event that caused our ancestors' brains to increase in size and advance in intelligence. Cutting-edge CGI backed by the latest research results will take you on an extraordinary journey through time, back to the primeval event.