Life from Space

2020 - 2021
3 × 52' (ENG, GER, 2 Eps ITA), 3 × 45' (GER)

Discover the new insights on the universe and the origin of life that put us in the middle of a Copernican revolution.

In this three-part series, we take a look at the monumental discoveries underway, specifically surrounding black holes, meteorites and exoplanets. Black holes have been revealed as one of the foundations for the basic conditions of life. Through black holes, life is possible in an infinite number of places in space. We show how meteorites brought the basic substances of life to our planet, allowing for its creation, and we look at exoplanets as a possible habitat for humankind. The films describe the latest findings concerning cosmic events in relation to the origin of life, providing a grandiose perspective of what makes life possible.

European & MENA rights only.
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    Trailer - German with English subtitles
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  1. Black Holes

    Black holes are not only matter-devouring gravity monsters, they also created the foundations for life - more than ten billion years ago. With their jets, they distributed vital elements evenly throughout the universe. Without black holes, no life-friendly zones would have developed in the galaxies. Researchers are finding more and more evidence of this.

  2. Asteroides and Meteorites

    Life on Earth may have had an important midwife: Meteorites. Did they bring the basic substances of life to our planet and possibly even life itself? Scientists around the world are looking for evidence that life was created by impulses from space.

  3. Exoplanets

    A revolution in space exploration is at hand: the discovery of a living planet. The search for a second Earth is one of the most exciting fields in astronomy. Exoplanets are planets that orbit another sun. More than 4,500 are already known, but their actual number is infinite. A large number of these distant planets could be similar to Earth.

Festivals & Awards

  • Science Film Festival 2021

    * nominated : Official Selection Ep.1 "Black Holes"
  • Medienpreis Luft- und Raumfahrt 2023 (Media Award Aviation and Aerospace)

    * winner : Radio/TV/Online


  • Original Title
    Leben aus dem All
  • Year
    2020 - 2021
  • Length
    3 × 52' (ENG, GER, 2 Eps ITA), 3 × 45' (GER)
  • Resolution
  • Film by
    John Kantara, Fabian Wolf
  • Produced by
  • Trailer

    Trailer - German with English subtitles