A coproduction of VICE and Autentic exploring the unusual presence, the speculative future and a fictional past

The future is wonderful, the future is terrifying. We should know, we live there. Whether it's on the ground or on the web, Motherboard is traveling the world to uncover the stories that will define what's coming next. New technologies, cultures, and discoveries are constantly reshaping this old planet of ours, and it's happening faster than ever before. Join us in the journey.”

Motherboard explores the latest technological developments and scientific experiments, it also presents news from the world of internet activists, and dares a new look at our world and its fascinating reality. The series focus on technology and society, across areas of science, politics, design, urbanism, biology, information, the environment, art and philosophy. Beyond blind technology-euphoria Motherboard reports on the strange, pioneering and mundane technologies of life.

Episodes (Season 1):

1. Do-It-Yourself
2. Online-Crime
3. Drugs
4. Cyborgs
5. Space
6. Hacktivism 1
7. Hacktivism 2
8. Climate Change
9. Weapons
10. Military
11. Culture
12. Afterlife

  • Title: Motherboard
  • Genre: SCIENCE
  • Release: 2014
  • Format: 12x43, HD
  • Produced by: VICE, Autentic