Tuna on Tour

52' (ENG, GER), 45' (GER, FRE)

The world’s biggest fish market is to make room for a highway during the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.

After more than 80 years in daily business, the relocation of over 14,000 dealers is a turning point. Especially for old-established dealers this step is not easy. Within four days, all dealers, souvenir and shoe shops, restaurants and service providers such as knife sharpeners are to be relocated to the new location on an artificial island. The closure of Tsukiji is a step towards modern digital real-time trading and we are the only foreign reporter with exclusive access to accompany this adventurous relocation.

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Festivals & Awards

  • Terres Travel Festival 2019

    * winner : 1st Place in History & Heritage
  • Worldfest Houston 2020

    * winner : Remi Platinum Award in Short - Documentary
  • Florence Film Awards Festival 2019

    * nominated : Official Selection
  • ART & TUR Festival 2019

    * winner : Silver Award in Ethnographics and Social


  • Original Title
    Thunfisch auf Tour - Tokios Fischmarkt zieht um
  • Year
  • Length
    52' (ENG, GER), 45' (GER, FRE)
  • Resolution
  • Film by
    Klaus Scherer
  • Produced by