The Great Conclave

2 x 45' (ENG, GER)

A refreshingly unbiased and in-depth look at a monumental, unique moment in Vatican history.

An unflinching two-part mini-series documenting the resignation of Benedict XVI and the extraordinary conclave and election of Pope Francis. Shot on location in Argentina and Vatican City, the series offers a rare behind the scenes look at the secretive papal election process. It also reveals the full story of Pope Francis, tracking his rise from Jesuit superior during Argentina‘s brutal military junta to his popular role as the humble archbishop of Buenos Aires to his groundbreaking papacy.

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  1. A New Pope

    The first episode intimately describes the ancient ritual of choosing a new pope – covering the resignation of Benedict XVI to the secretive conclave and the beautiful pomp and circumstance of inauguration. Including rare footage from inside Vatican City during the Conclave preparations, it features interviews with Cardinals who experienced the mysterious process first hand, as well as reconstructions of the actual vote. We reveal the inside details of the dramatic moment one pope stepped down and another was chosen, a historic combination of events that hasn't happened for 600 years.

  2. A Pope from Afar

    The second episode features exclusive interviews with Vatican experts and journalists who, for the first time, tell the whole story of Pope Francis's ascent to the papacy. The program explores criticism of Jorge Mario Bergoglio's silence on the "disappeared" and abductions during Argentina's dirty war, but also reveals how he successfully navigated Argentina’s dark past to become the first Latin American pope.


  • Original Title
    The Great Conclave
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  • Length
    2 x 45' (ENG, GER)
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  • Film by
    Paul Russell, Andrea Vogt
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