15th Meridian East - Similarity in Difference

5 x 52' (ENG, GER, FRE)

Surrender yourselves to the thrilling landscapes and equally thrilling tales of the natives along the 15th Meridian East.

The landscapes along the 15th meridian east are highly contrasting: from icy wastelands, to vast rainforests, to shimmering deserts and lush green pastures. People, animals and plants have had to adapt to the climate, find solutions to daily challenges and adjust to the different regions. But one fact links them: their time zone. We show you the natives of this dynamic zone who live from their natural environs. Discover the troubles, dreams and hopes of the people living along this geographical nexus.

In five episodes, “The 15th Meridian East” accompanies several people from vastly different countries for 24 hours long. The idea behind the series is to present breathtaking pictures that discover, connect and separate the challenges, dream and hopes of the people living along the belt. It introduces viewers to the natives of these dynamic landscapes who live in and from their natural surroundings. Some stops along the journey are Spitsbergen, Namibia and Slovenia: these are some of the most diverse countries to be found along the longitude! What makes this series unique is that the stories are not told in any chronological order; the time of day determines the order in which the stories are told.
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  1. Wild Life, Gentle Nature

    As contrasting as the landscapes of the 15th meridian east, so different are its animal inhabitants. What are the living conditions like in the heat of the Namibian Damaraland, in Lusatia or on the coast of Norway? Which challenges do elephants, whales or kingfishers have to master together with their companions from north to south?

  2. The Raw Wilderness

    Almost 11000 kilometres lie between the northernmost and southernmost point of the 15th meridian east. Here you will find extreme landscapes such as the shimmering heat of Africa or the eternal cold of northern Scandinavia. Five people from Spitsbergen, Namibia, Slovenia, Germany and Poland dedicate their lives to environmental protection.

  3. Sow, Harvest, Eat – Our Conservatory

    This episode focuses on people from five countries who share a common passion: The production of their own food and food. What culinary treasures are hidden in the different regions, from Spitsbergen to Sweden, Austria, Poland and Chad?

  4. From Generation to Generation

    The journey leads from the Norwegian Vesterålen to Chad, the Aeolian Islands and the Polish Giant Mountains. As different as the landscapes and cultures may be, all people are united in their love for their children and their desire to give something to tomorrow's generation.

  5. Our Future

    What ideas are people on the 15th meridian east developing to shape the future and leave tomorrow's generations a home worth living in? This consequence leads us to four future designers. From the barren Namib Desert to the glacier worlds of Spitsbergen, Sicily and the Croatian Mediterranean.


  • Original Title
    Ein Tag auf dem 15. Längengrad Ost
  • Year
  • Length
    5 x 52' (ENG, GER, FRE)
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  • Film by
    Alexandra Hardorf, Anke Hillmann, Christiane Schwarz
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