Deltas of the World

5 x 52' (ENG, GER), 5 x 45' (GER, FRE)

River deltas are impressive landscapes in a constant state of flux with unique biodiversity.

Due to their sensitive ecosystems, the impact of humankind has already irreversibly changed and will change some deltas. Each of the five films features a different continent, documents the flora and fauna in a river delta and discusses the role of mankind in the preservation of nature. They show the fascinating diversity of the deltas on our planet, from the arctic to the tropics, on the border between land and sea. Often, river deltas are among a countries most fertile regions. Human communities have often adapted their own habits to match a delta’s natural rhythms even as they have radically changed some delta landscapes. But humans aren’t the only residents of these rich habitats.

Each of the five films will document the distinctive flora and fauna of a major delta, with an emphasis on the responsibility of humans towards nature. River deltas are fragile ecosystems. Many have been and are still being irreversibly altered by human activity. The series looks at how scientists and researchers are working to find ways to better support and utilize these special regions in order to ensure a future for the frail symbiosis between man and nature.

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  1. Yukon Delta – The Arctic Wilderness

    There are very few regions that appear as untouched as the Yukon Delta in eastern Alaska. This fascinating and pristine landscape consists of a maze of swamps and streams that one could easily picture as the cradle of humanity.

  2. Ebro-Delta – The Green Jewel

    The Ebro Delta lies to the south of Barcelona. Its beaches and lagoons are a unique refuge for migratory and native bird species. The delta is known, for example, for its numerous pink flamingos that nest near the white-glistening salt pans.

  3. Rhine-Meuse Delta – The Land of Canals

    In the heart of Europe lies a unique natural habitat and a landscape characterised by water: the Rhine-Meuse Delta. About a third of the Netherlands lies below sea level right in the heart of Europe, with 3,500 polders as buffer zones for excess water and several cities that are traversed by canals.

  4. Amazon Delta – The Healing Tropics

    Starting in the untouched Tumucumaque rainforest in the north of the Amazon Delta, the journey continues south by boat down the 30-kilometre-wide river to the Ilha de Marajó. The largest river island on earth.

  5. Irrawaddy Delta – The Magical World of Mangroves

    The Irrawaddy Delta in southern Myanmar is home to the most diverse mangrove forests in the world. It’s widely branching tributaries not only provide schools of fish and rich nutrients, but also function as the most important transport route for the people living in the delta.


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    Deltas der Welt
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    5 x 52' (ENG, GER), 5 x 45' (GER, FRE)
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    Eberhard Rühle, Emmanuel Descombes, Nicolas Gabriel, Sylvie Deleule, Alix François Meier
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    Trailer - Non-Verbal