Three young people from different countries try to find their luck in the upcoming city of Berlin.

Berlin is a beacon of freedom to young people everywhere! After Europe’s financial crisis, many young people from all over the worlde travelled to Germany in hope of a better future. The Perfect Grey tells the personal story of three such persons. It navigates between concept and reality, projects and project work, endless clubbing and subsequent depression, to depict the harsh realities of the protagonists. The series is a testament to the hardships of realizing one’s dreams in an avant-garde city.


Adam (26): DJ, Model, Dancer from Tasmania
Steve (21): Musician from Ireland
Gigi (28): Student, Bar Owner from Hong Kong

  • Title: The Perfect Grey
  • Genre: LIFESTYLE
  • Additional Genres: PEOPLE
  • Release: 2017
  • Format: 3 x 30' (ENG, GER)
  • Produced by: Hyperbowl, Autentic