My House is a Boat

5 x 50' (GER, 1 Ep ENG subs)

Where there's water, there's houseboats. The new lifestyle is growing in almost every trendy city around the globe.

Houseboats have always been associated with old shellbacks and freaks. Today this has changed - more and more young families and working singles want to spent their lives on the water and drop anchor wherever they want. This new living concept is finding more and more followers all over the world. In addition, the design possibilities of houseboats are infinite. From round to square, made of wood, glass or steel, a houseboat leaves all possibilities open.

Many have taken steps towards giving up life on land and trying something new. To experience the thrill of the open air, to be able to pack up and travel with one’s entire house in tow – a life without one’s feet on solid ground is what living on water has to offer. What fans of houseboats love the most is the freedom of the sea.

Where there is water, there are houseboats. The new Life-Style is growing in nearly every trending city around the globe: Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, London and Amsterdam. And for those who don't want to live on a boat permanently, they have the option of just renting a house boat for the holidays. 
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  • Original Title
    Mein Haus ist ein Boot
  • Year
  • Length
    5 x 50' (GER, 1 Ep ENG subs)
  • Resolution
  • Film by
    Jörg Scholze
  • Produced by