Tree House Masters

10 x 30' (GER, 1 Ep ENG subs)

Follow Ina visiting treehouses around the world as an inspiration for her own treehouse in Costa Rica.

Tree houses are not only the long-term fulfilment of childhood dreams they have now become a global trend. In our highly technological world, there is a growing need for proximity to nature and sustainability on all continents. The constructors are by no means only romantic handymen, more and more star architects are also striving to create house designs which incorporate trees as the foundation. We travel around the globe to find the most exciting and unusual tree houses. Experience the Korowai-houses in Papua New Guinea or visit some luxurious constructions in France or Switzerland where they even built hotels, restaurants and champagne-bars in the heights of the treetops.

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  1. Making Plans in Costa Rica

  2. Getting Inspired

  3. Royal Tree Houses

  4. Treetop Wellness

  5. Futuristic Tree Houses

  6. Futuristic Tree Houses

  7. Start of Construction

  8. The UFO Tree House

  9. Birds Paradise

  10. On Top of the Jungle

  11. A Dream Comes True


  • Original Title
    Wipfelglück - Mein Traum vom Baumhaus
  • Year
  • Length
    10 x 30' (GER, 1 Ep ENG subs)
  • Resolution
  • Film by
    Dr. Ina Knobloch
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