Incredible Homes

12 x 45' (GER, ENG subs)

Original homes are essential for creating the unique charm that makes a city special. We follow architects and builders through their gems.

We take you to exclusive houses that are not usually open to the public eye, but we are granted access by the architects. They give us personal insights into their one-of-a-kind living spaces and explain how they were created, revealing the boundless imaginations of the artistic visionaries who dared to build these spectacles. We don't only get to know the houses, but also the inspiration and creative processes that makes them possible. The homes stand out as creative masterpieces, but we found that often the lives of the inhabitants are just as colorful, such as a nobleman, a passionate cook, or an artistic couple. Their insights, stories, and creativity give the house itself a very special, lively character.

In Season One we get exclusive access to incredible homes in metropolitan cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or Vienna. We meet the visionaries and get to know the story of their unique living space.

In Season Two we visit extensively renovated or restored houses and dive deep into their unique history. Thus, a former church becomes a family dream home and an old estate becomes a stylish loft.
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  1. Munich

    Whether low budget, luxurious, renovated or brand-new: the Bavarian capital Munich is a metropolis full of extremes and the portrayed houses reflect these contrasts. Architects and clients guide us through their Munich dream homes.

  2. Frankfurt

    Frankfurt's houses are as extravagant as they are breathtaking. Architect Marie-Therese Deutsch has designed a paradise for herself, perfectly suited to its location in Paradiesgasse. In addition to modern houses, the bankers' city can also boast magnificent villas.

  3. Stuttgart

    At first glance, the Zepp House, realized by Fuchswacker Architekten, does not appear inviting. But if you look behind the façade, you get an exciting view of the Stuttgart skyline. However, other architectural gems in the Stuttgart area also provide insights that are astonishing.

  4. Hamburg

    A strange cube seems to float above the ground. House W in Hamburg is just captivating as it seems to scoff at gravity. The Hanseatic city also makes the heart beat faster for houses in other ways. It’s incredible homes meet exactly the taste of the present and the foreseeable future.

  5. Berlin

    The "smac" living studio is a freestanding black block whose interior is enhanced with natural materials. Unlike Villa M by the architecture firm Graft: On one side a flat slant, the opposite view resembles a tilted egg. It’s a façade that makes you stand still. If you get tired of it, you can look at other residential dreams of the German capital.

  6. Vienna

    Belvedere Palace and Hundertwasser House are in strong contrast to each other, yet they blend in perfectly. This is truly a "match made in heaven". And even today, the theme is still very much alive: Vienna's architecture is booming. Unusual buildings that are climate-neutral and as close to nature as possible are trending in Austria's capital.

  7. From old to renovated

    Through a careful renovation, the charm of the old can be reconciled with the comfort of today. While one person is enchanted by the sight of a brick wall reminiscent of a loft in New York, another is eager to show off the old wooden beams. But how many hands does it really take to turn an old house into a new one?

  8. Building creativity

    If you want to renovate an antique house, you need to think carefully about the individual steps. If you don't, your dream home can quickly turn into a nightmare. Old pipes, wiring and dilapidated walls are just a few of the possibilities that have brought some builders close to despair.

  9. Renovation is hard work

    The room layout in old buildings often does not meet modern living standards. There are many small or pass-through rooms, some have too small or no windows at all and thus too little light. Those who can afford it strive to make the necessary modifications. A rocky road with plenty of trapdoors, as builders and architects will tell you.

  10. Old treasures in a new guise

    Compared to a new building, an old house already has character and a history. Many appreciate this and enjoy it. Nevertheless, it is a challenge to consider the existing building fabric, architecture and room layout and at the same time to realize one's own wishes. Is a good architect the solution?

  11. Character rules

    Living in buildings that are listed for their historical significance is initially more exciting than relaxing, as there a many restrictions. Quite often, surprising things come to light in and around the old walls. But before that can happen at all, building permits have to be obtained. And some dreams have to be rethought because it doesn't fit with the requirements.

  12. Substance leads to invention

    When resonctructing the existing building has already been given specifications. Unusual wishes are therefore by no means excluded. Often, more is possible than builders can imagine. A simple wooden house can be transformed into a modern palace, or a mossy wall into a colourful facade.


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