Consumer Traps

5 x 45' (GER)

Discover the truth about your health and climate!

Our health and environment are issues that concern all of us. But it is difficult to find reliable information about these topics due to all of the rumors, half-truths, and manipulations surrounding them. They make it near impossible for a Consumer to distinguish between fact and myth. This film provides clarity by asking questions like: What is the rising consumption of sugar doing to us? What effects does the delusion of hygiene or the flood of tablets have on us? Are side effects still underestimated? How can greener living be achieved? Personal stories and accounts from experts clear up the jungle of myths surrounding health and the environment.

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  1. In a Sugar Rush

    In the past, sugar was a luxury product and a reward for special occasions. Nowadays, sugar is a huge problem of modern society. Most humans eat more than 90 grams of sugar per day - almost twice what the World Health Orgnization recommends. But it is not just the craving that is hurting us, it's also the unconcious consumption of sugar due to the food industry constantly adding sugar to common foods. This episodes brings this practice to light.

  2. Medication Overload

    High cholesterol is considered one of the primary causes of cardiovascular disease. Practically everyone over the age of forty years old is regarded as a high-risk individual, and a potential permanent customer of lip-lowering drugs. While independent physicians criticize the pill industry's limits, pharmecutical agencies continuously raise the amount of prescribed drugs - leading to healthy people becoming ill.

  3. What Climate Kills

    Are the pellet heaters and heat pumps that are meant to replace old oil and gas heaters really as sustainable as we think? Does insulation really pay off, or will it create a massive disposal problem for us in the future? How can we control our household's energy requirements, apart from heating and cooling? This episode presents multiple new renovation and construction projects, while examining the delay of the much needed climate targets for the Paris Climate Accord.

  4. The Hygiene Mania

    Disinfectants and bacteria-killing cleaners are found in allmost every household. But are these cleaners really the safe solution we believe they are? We discover that they are not only damaging to the microbiome of the skin, but are also dangerous to the environment. Learn which cleaning measures are the most effective and efficient, and how you can prevent your cleaning tools from harming the environment.

  5. Attention, side effects!

    More than 14,000 medicines are currently on the market, and every medicine that works has side effects. This is often more harmful than it is beneficial. But could this be prevented? The experts say yes. This episode uses real stories from patients and showcases the areas where caution is required and what needs to be done to prevent further harm from medicines.


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    5 x 45' (GER)
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    Andrea Eder, Christine Grabner, Anna-Katharina Wohlgenannt, Stefan Eder
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