Adrenaline Junkies

6 x 45' (GER, 2 Eps ENG subs)

Out of the everyday life and into the outdoor adventure!

Thrill seekers find comprehensive offers in the adventure sports sector. The Outdoor, Sport, and Action section aims to give people an insight into the techniques of selected sporting disciplines as well as insight into the respective sport and its surroundings. In this way you can withdraw from everyday life and really relax. We visited different events at different places and asked people what drives them to dedicate their time to such adventurous hobbies like Canyoning, Downhill-Biking, or Motocross.

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  1. Against the Tide

    Canyoning is a sport that combines multiple outdoor activities into one. It includes hiking, climbing, sliding, rapelling, swimming, diving, and daring 17m high jumps into water basins. The participants move like pumas through the canyons, and experience a real adrenaline kick!

  2. On Silken Thread

    Climbing offers an escape from everyday life. The Mountains force their conquerors to grow beyond their limits. We follow Mountain guide Hans Honold as he demonstrates the necessary climbing skills and what it takes to scale mountains. In the high ropes courses that reach high above ground, climbers feel like Tarzan!

  3. Rush of Water

    The world's largest outdoor adventure park: Area 47 in Ötzal. The park offers some of the best opportunities for fun outdoors, coupled with thrills and unforgettable experiences in nature. Area 47's water park and breathtaking alpine panorama delivers a first-class adrenaline rush.

  4. Shootout

    Just across the Czech border, action meets adrenaline and tactical thinking meets team spirit. When playing paintball, you can let off some steam, escape from everyday life, and keep fit all at the same time. The entire family gets to participate in this fun, yet competetive outdoor sport!

  5. Offroad

    When it comes to off-roading, the rules are different than driving in the city. Whether driving an 8 ton truck, an ATV to drift through woods and sandy tracks, or a freeride mountain bike in the mountains - you grow with your adventures.

  6. Up in the Air

    The idea of experiencing the breathtaking view of the earth from a paraglider fascinates many. But in order to accomplish this goal, one must overcome fear in order to fly at altitudes as high as 500m.


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