The death of Empress Sissi was not only a terrible murder, but a political statement of the anarchists.

Anarchism requires a life without a state based on the ideals of freedom and equality. The followers of this radical doctrine tried to achieve their goals by murdering monarchs and statesmen. On September 10, the Viennese courts received terrible news: the Italian anarchist Lugi Lucheni had stabbed the Austrian Empress Elisabeth with a file. On one hand, the film shows the life of the empress. On the other hand, it reveals the great network of anarchists that already existed in Europe at that time. Sissi had ignored all warnings of anarchists and yet it was a coincidence that made her a victim of anarchists. The murder of the Empress is the beginning of a political struggle against anarchism in Europe, so both must be seen in a direct context. Certain similarities in the ideas of the empress and her murderer are astonishing - recognizable in poems of both.