One of the world’s most famous monuments is finally getting a historic facelift.

The Colosseum is the heart of Rome, and was once the centre of the greatest empire of the ancient world. Two thousand years after it was built, this iconic monument is in dire need of repair. This two-part series takes a unique glimpse behind the scenes of how the worlds of science, fashion, archaeology and culture are coming together for an epic renovation. As layers of grime are washed away and restorers make crucial repairs, intriguing new hidden details are coming to light only now, as a controversial renovation project returns the world’s largest Roman arena to its ancient glory.

Please note: the Spanish version is in Neutral Spanish.

1. Marks of Time
2. Preserving the Past
  • Title: Das Kolosseum – Ein Monument für die Ewigkeit
  • Genre: HISTORY
  • Additional Genres: PEOPLE, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY
  • Release: 2015
  • Language: English, German
  • Format: 2 x 45' (ENG, GER, SPA)
  • Produced by: Millstream Films, Autentic