A Cold War of Spies

4 × 50' (ENG, GER)

They passed intelligence, intercepted communications, stole blueprints and mapped targets. But ultimately they drove the deep-seated paranoia and distrust that would forever change the course of history.

The Cold War. A world divided. A global race to claim superior military might that reshaped the world. A conflict that would never be fought on the battlefield, but rather would face off in an espionage confrontation, East vs West.  From eyes in the sky to boots on the ground, they stalked the shadows behind enemy lines. Some were government agents. Others, recruited assets, couriers, and handlers. Many were defectors, turncoats, or moles. All laid their lives on the line for their main objective, “secure vital information about the enemy”.

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  1. Atomic Secrets

    As WWII comes winding down, rising atomic fears set the stage for Soviet espionage efforts at the opening of the Cold War. An unspoken race begins with the USA, United Kingdom and the Soviet Union vying to create the world’s first super-weapon. New York becomes a hotbed of spy games, and soviet spies like Rudolph Abel weave intricate legends so they can work deep undercover. As the Soviet Union falls, old clandestine programs and covert operations are brought to light thanks to a collection of files called the Mitrokhin Archives.

  2. Spies in the Skies

    In the midst of the Cold War, the desire to spy behind enemy lines leads to the development of some of the most sophisticated reconnaissance technologies the world has ever seen. The US finds a way into Soviet airspace through overflights of their top-secret stealth plane, the U-2. But the clock is ticking, and it's only a matter of time before the Soviets unravel the operation with the capture of American pilot Captain Gary Powers. With the start of the space race, engineers from former Nazi Germany are poached to help either side to make massive leaps in space exploration, using technology that will also be used as tools of war.

  3. On the Brink of Destruction

    In the 1960s, both countries have a grip on nuclear weapons, but the imbalance between US and Soviet missiles is staggering. A fledgling communist government in Cuba provides the perfect opportunity for Premier Nikita Khrushchev to position missiles just off the shores of Florida. Through the help of former GRU officer turned CIA asset Oleg Penkovksy, the US learns of the Soviets’ plans and must decide how to respond. Tensions rise as the risk of mutually assured destruction becomes all too real.

  4. The Battle Over Hearts and Minds

    At the close of WWII, the West views Stalin’s government as a threat to democracy, while Stalin see America as an obstacle in winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of oppressed people everywhere. Communist leaders like Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu use everything from terrorist attacks to assassinations to shut down so-called “freedom radios.” In the US, an organization called HUAC attempts to hunt down communist supporters, teetering between protecting American values and violating their civil rights. Long after the Berlin Wall falls, disinformation and propaganda campaigns continue to be used as tools to shift the ideological tides.


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