Lethal Cargo

2 x 60' (Ep 1&2), 2 x 45' (Ep 3&4) (ENG, GER)

The Mediterranean Sea is crisscrossed by traffics of every kind, some legal, others lethal.

Over the last five years, we have been putting together the pieces of a tragic and terrifying story of the merchants of death. Lethal Cargo covers the escape of refugees from war regions in leaky boats, the spilling of toxic waste into the depths of the ocean during goods transportation and in our two most recent episodes, the illegal handling of drugs and weapon across the Mediterranean. Shockingly, the governments that should be trying to stem the tide of this illegal trades are the very ones involved in a tangled web of corruption!

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    Trailer - English
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  1. Migrants

    A gripping and first-person account of the odyssey of migrants and refugees being ruthlessly exploited and trafficked across the Mediterranean Sea.

  2. Toxic Waste

    The incredible story of how big industry and the mafia collaborated over the past 30 years to dispose of toxic waste under the sea and in secret waste pits in Italy, poisoning Mediterranean waters and agricultural land around Naples.

  3. Drugs

    We investigate how drug trafficking and distribution routes are changing and adapting to geopolitical changes in the Mediterranean basin.

  4. Weapons

    This is a hard-edged look at the complex movement of weapons across the Mediterranean. We reveal the tangled web woven by politicans, gun runners, arms dealers, weapons manufacturers, and all too often, the very governments tasked with preventing illegal arms trafficking.


  • Original Title
    Illegale Fracht
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  • Length
    2 x 60' (Ep 1&2), 2 x 45' (Ep 3&4) (ENG, GER)
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  • Film by
    Andrea Vogt, Paul Russell
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    Trailer - English