Autentic Distribution to Distribute New Documentary Series
Press Release

Autentic Distribution to Distribute New Documentary Series "The Sum of All Cities" by DBcom Media

Munich, 24.06.2024. Autentic Distribution is thrilled to announce that it has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to "The Sum of All Cities," produced by the acclaimed Canadian production company DBcom Media. The eight-episode series is currently in production and is expected to be completed by fall 2025.

“The Sum of All Cities” extrapolates, investigates and connects the numbers that make up our cities. Population, cost of living, crime rate, area size, death and birth rate, temperature, GDP… These are the types of numbers that typically define our cities. But there are so many other numbers that tell so many more interesting stories: the number of lightbulbs (think of how many are needed to illuminate Las Vegas!), the number of CCTV cameras (ever been to Hyderabad?!), the number of pebblestones, the number of native animal species or the amount of cocaine found in the wastewater… Sometimes impressively huge, sometimes surprisingly tiny, these numbers reveal a lot of our cities and the people who live there! Because behind those numbers, you’ll find a fascinating story. And that story will lead you to another number. And that number reveals another story and that story connects to another number …and before you know it you’ve got the sum of a city! This new documentary series is a fascinating and fast-paced tour around the world.

DBcom Media has a strong track record of producing exceptional documentary content. Current and previous productions include "Overbooked", "Eat me (or try not to)", "Faster!", "The Life-Sized City", "The Island Diaries" and "Waterfront Cities of the World".

Mirjam Strasser (Head of Sales and Acquisitions at Autentic): "We are excited to bring this captivating series to a global audience. DBcom Media is creating a visually stunning factual series that will shed light on the fascinating dynamics of urban life. 'The Sum of All Cities' is not just about numbers; it's about the human experiences and stories that these numbers represent."

Meredith Fowke (Series Producer and Writer at DBcom Media): "The Sum of All Cities really is a new twist on exploring the places that most of us call home. Wherever you live in the world, there are layers and layers to peel back that reveal numbers that are so much more than just statistics. These numbers are all around us, most of us just don’t put 2 and 2 together.  So we’re doing the math to bring those intriguing, defining and relatable stories to you. We are thrilled that Autentic also sees the singularity of this new series and is as excited as we are to share it with the world."

About Autentic Distribution:
Autentic Distribution is the sales division of Autentic, a subsidiary of Jan Mojto's Beta Film, and one of the leading German global distributors of high-quality documentaries and factual series. Over the years, Autentic Distribution has grown an international network within public and private commercial broadcasting, streaming services and other relevant platforms. Our wide-ranged and unrivaled distribution catalogue offers the best non-fiction productions from independent producers and established media agencies from around the world.

About DBcom Media:
DBcom Media does not take the privilege of storytelling lightly. Founded in 1995, we have consistently challenged ourselves ever since to create original, integral and entertaining content that matters to the whole world.  Broadcast in more than 100 territories, in over 50 languages, our productions have taken us all over the globe, shooting in multiple languages for an international market and an international audience.  Independently owned and operated, DBcom Media has also emerged as a leader in collaborative financing and the cohabitation of rights in response to a changing industry.