Spiegel TV WIssen

SPIEGEL TV WISSEN looks closely at the people and the world in which they live. Its strong opinion and its well-researched documentaries provide the audience with journalistic insight and information that will surprise, inspire and spark discussions. Quality and accuracy are always crucial, when SPIEGEL TV WISSEN presents investigative journalism, scientific phenomena or technical highlights in full HD. SPIEGEL TV WISSEN offers many in-house productions and additionally a great number of territory premieres per year.

SPIEGEL TV WISSEN, launched in Germany October 2011, offers the interested and curious viewer a new home for their pay-tv entertainment experience. Guided by journalistic principles and driven by a broad curiosity, the channel provides a close look at the people and the world in which we live in.

With over 100 hours original productions and over 100 territory premieres per year in full HD, SPIEGEL TV WISSEN is a unique proposition in the German speaking territories. Working closely with the parent company SPIEGEL TV, one of the biggest TV-production houses in Germany, the original programming is tailored directly to the audience and delivers a distinct look and feel. In connection with the other parent company Autentic, a division of the international renowned distributor Beta, the programming consists of high quality premieres by international partners.

Quality is crucial, when SPIEGEL TV WISSEN presents in HD visually stunning documentaries, gripping investigative reportages and informative programs. Authenticity is vital for a journalistic brand that takes the viewer to the people and into the world.

SPIEGEL TV WISSEN – Because we are curios


Autentic, Spiegel TV

Managing Directors:

Dr. Patrick Hörl, Michael Kloft

Channel Manager:

Jens Kirsch