Many vermin are deemed edible by many occupants of the world. For the adventurous traveler in Asia and some poor countries, the eating of vermin have become the trend.

Everyone has seen that vermin are edible. Either during their holiday in Asia or by way of the recent broadcasting of the Jungle-Camp, people worldwide have recognized vermin as food. But voices are getting louder as many nutritionists are of the opinion that vermin could be the solution for a high protein diet without the side effects of meat.

In the Netherlands, an Insect farm has already opened. They breed the crawlies and produce for example maggot flour. From these they make pasta and other non-look alike Insect Products, so that even the sceptics who are normally discussed can try them. But is it really healthy? In Chinese medicine, they are used for curing cancer. What does a scientist has to say about vermin as food of the future? Why aren’t there more Farms and Products in Germany?

  • Title: Vermin - The Meat of the Future
  • Genre: People, Science
  • Delivery: Dec 2016
  • Language: German, English subitles
  • Format: 1x50, HD
  • Produced by: DHF, Autentic