Dr. Ina Knobloch visits treehouses around the world as an inspiration for her own treehouse in Costa Rica

A docuseries with 10 episodes about treehouses in the world as an inspiration for Dr. Ina Knoblochs own treehouse in Costa Rica. Almost 30 years ago Inas "treehouse dream" started. As a scientist she discovered the univers of the tropical rainforest canopy in Costa Rica and as a conservationist she started the same time planting trees on pastureland in Costa Rica. Now the trees are big enough for harvesting and have stored tons of carbondioxid. With this wood Knobloch wants to build a treehouse on exactly the same spot she started in Costa Rica: In Nosara on the pacific coast. As an artist and scientist she has no idea of how to build a treehouse, so she starts a journey through the world scouting the most interesting treehouses as inspiration for her own creation. The journey leads her to an UFO-like treehouse in Sweden, a so called bird nest in Texas, a castle-treehouse in France, urban, modern treehouses in Germany, an airplane in the canopy in Costa Rica and many other constructions in the trees, till she finds an architect and builders for her own treehouse. And the construction is an own challenge.

  • Title: Treehouse Masters
  • Genre: Lifestyle; People; Travel
  • Delivery: Mar 2017
  • Language: German
  • Format: 10x30'
  • Produced by: City Media and Autentic
  • Film by: Dr. Ina Knobloch