This is a story about a remote island in the pacific, steeped in myths and legends of pirates and treasure hunters

An unique site specific exhibition that brings together some of the most influential artists of our times, in order to protect the rapidly decreasing population of endangered species of sharks that used to populate the area. An art foundation, called Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, decides to burry an exhibition architecture designed by Aranda/Lasch. 39 of the most popular contemporary artists contributed their art to this unique project. The idea is a new approach to art programs which brings the art film genre alive again in a new form. An art documentary which is driven by stories, by a process, an actual journey with strong emotions and a modern adventure to a remote island.

  • Title: Treasure of Lima - A buried Exhibition
  • Genre: Travel&Adventure, Arts&Lifestyle
  • Delivery: 2015
  • Language: German, English
  • Format: 1x45, HD
  • Produced by: Autentic, TBA21 Academy, BR
  • Film by: Antje Harries