With the fall of the Berlin Wall the potential of the city exploded. Berlin became a symbol of freedom to the youths of the world who believed the modern world had nothing more to offer.

After the worldwide financial crisis swept over Europe in 2010, many young people in Spain, Italy and, Greece travelled to Germany in hopes of a better future. “The Perfect Grey” tells the personal story of three such persons. The series navigates between concept and reality, projects and project work, endless clubbing and subsequent depression, to depict the harsh realities of the protagonists; those who don’t have it easy realising their dreams in a big grey city. The backdrop of the series is the electro-music scene. For the young people of Europe, Berlin is their place of longing and therefore the perfect location to plant some roots.

  • Title: The Perfect Grey
  • Genre: People, Lifestyle
  • Delivery: 2017
  • Language: German, English
  • Format: 3x30'
  • Produced by: Hyperbowl, Autentic