Summer 1370 BC. The whole village has gathered to participate at an elaborated funeral.

We are in Egtved, Denmark. The dead is a young woman. She is buried with a child in an oak coffin. Strange is the clothing of hers: an almost transparent skirt and a short top. In 1921 a farmer discovers on a field in Egtved the grave. Photographs of that time document the finding. Scientists excavate the grave and examine the finding. The bronze age finding is a mystery. Who is that girl? Why was she buried that expansively? Like in a crime investigation the scientists gather new information and evidence. The liquid stored in a cup was beer and astonishingly the clothing was made of wool that was not from Denmark. A hint that the people in the bronze age were trading. These new insights arouse the scientist’s curiosity. For the first time scientists have tracked the travel route of a prehistorically person – The journey of the Egtved Girl.

  • Title: The Egtved Girl
  • Genre: History
  • Delivery: Sep 2017
  • Language: German, English
  • Format: 1x52', HD
  • Produced by: Casei Media UG & Co.KG, ZDFinfo, Autentic
  • Film by: Cassian von Salomon