Over six episodes this groundbreaking series revisits iconic terrorist attacks using firsthand interviews, archival footage and reconstructions to piece together what exactly happened during those horrific moments in history

Each episode deals with one particular act of terror. A bomb in the basement of an hotel, an explosion in a lunchroom, a massacre during the Olympics, the ripping apart of a commuter train, the attack on a ship and a shooting spree on an island. In this series the atrocities are treated as anonymous events. They don’t derive significance from where it happened, or what nationality was affected or in the name of whose religion it was executed. The meaning of these terrorist attacks only becomes apparent when looking at them from multiple perspectives, by putting them in a historical context and most importantly through scrutinous research with a keen eye for the economics of terrorism.

1. King David Hotel in Jerusalem, 1946
2. Milk Bar in Algiers, 1956
3. Summer Olympics in Munich,1972
4. Bologna’s Grand Central Station, 1980
5. USS Cole in Jemen, 2000
6. Breivik's Massacre in Oslo and Utoya, 2011

  • Title: Terror!
  • Genre: History, Crime
  • Delivery: Apr 2019
  • Language: German, English, Dutch subs
  • Format: 6x50'
  • Produced by: Topkapi Nonfiction, NTR, Autentic
  • Film by: Tomas Kaan & Joey Boink