If a scaffolder were to suddenly become dizzy while on the job or a window cleaner to make a wrong step, the results could be fatal.

Every day at least one person dies in an accident on the job. And many are forced into early retirement. Nevertheless, people still jump at the chance of entering these professions where caution and safety are essential. But that is the thrill of working on the edge - we follow people who are not afraid of hights, pay sharp attention to their surroundings, have strong nerves and often start their job when others break in a cold sweat.


1. The King of the Sky
2. Clear the Ring
3. Steady Nerves
4. Head for Heights
5. Storm-Proof

  • Title: Most Dangerous Jobs
  • Genre: People, Technology, Lifestyle
  • Delivery: 2017
  • Language: German
  • Format: 5x45' HD
  • Produced by: DHF, Autentic