They operate Germany's largest and strongest machines. Between the North Sea and the Alps, huge tools make possible in a few days or hours what used to take hundreds of workers weeks or months.

With courage and sure instinct, they control machines weighing tons with millimetre precision. In each episode Men & Machines presents the biggest tools of different industries: Tunnelling, cranes, track construction, open-cast mining, demolition companies and forestry. The spectators experience the gigantic machines and their guides in action and also get a glimpse into the production halls of these machines in every episode. What do the men have to bring along if they want to operate Germany's largest machines safely and how are such mega-aggregates manufactured? The German mechanical engineering industry is world-famous. Men & Machines shows why.


1. Mole of Steel
2. Mobile Monster Cranes
3. Power Pack on Rails
4. The Landscapers
5. The Destroyer
6. The Tree Pushers

  • Title: Men and Machines
  • Genre: Technology, People
  • Delivery: Jun 2018
  • Language: German, English subs
  • Format: 6x45'
  • Produced by: DHF, Autentic