Women who climbed to the top of their clans… Women who changed the rules of the game… Women the camorra changed forever

For the first time a prime-time television series reveals the intimate life of leading women bosses living in hiding under police protection. The series offers an unprecedented view of the motivations and mechanisms that led these women to assume key roles in the criminal organization, shedding light on the little-known role of women in organized crime. Their exclusive accounts are brought to life by raw, fastpaced re-enactments shot on location. Whether they were born into ‘the family’ or fell in love with the wrong man, they rose quickly to the top, managing drugs, extortion, waste disposal, public contracts and subcontracts, making life and death decisions, ordering homicides and sometimes killing personally for the clan. Where most men become involved in organized crime for power and money, these women appear to be motivated at least initially by love and loyalty to their men, their families and children. But in time they prove to be as skilful and brutal in pursuing wealth, power and influence as any man, creating alliances, defending the clan’s territory and fighting for its needs like the best of them … until one day their hold on power slips and the only way out is to side with the law. Intimate and dramatic stories that swing between shocking events and moments of great pathos…


1. Anna Carrino

2. Antonella Madonna

3. Christina Pinto

4. Maria Duraccio

  • Title: Mafia Queens
  • Genre: People, Crime, History
  • Delivery: Sep 2016
  • Language: German, English, Italian
  • Format: 4x45, 1x90
  • Produced by: DocLab, Media Mediterranea, Autentic, A&E Networks Italy
  • Film by: Paolo Colangeli