Different people, different lifestyle - and defintely not an ordinary lifestyle. What does it take to live beyond the ordinary

Meet some out-of-the-box thinkers: people who rather than trying to fit themselves into society are changing society to fit them. Whether it be their lifestyle, work, diet or ethics, their day-to-day lives differ significantly from the norm. These people have consciously chosen these alternate ways of living, but not to be different from others or to be special in any way. They are neither hedonists nor eccentric misfits but rather dissenters and visionaries whose life models introduce forward-thinking idealism into our society.



1. For the animals
2. Different ways of living
3. For a more ecological world
4. For a more social world
5. At the limits
6. For the dream
7. New communities
8. In the forest
9. For faith
10. Different ways of love

  • Title: Life Beyond the Ordinary
  • Genre: People, Lifestyle
  • Delivery: Aug 2018
  • Language: German, English subs
  • Format: 10x45'
  • Produced by: Südhang Films, Autentic